Professional Services

Professional Services is the contracting out of an internal business process to a third party organization. The practice of contracting a business process out to a third party rather than staffing it internally is common in the modern economy. Professional Services sometimes involves transferring employees and assets from one firm to another but not always.
The definition of Professional Services includes both foreign and domestic contracting, and sometimes includes off shoring, which means relocating a business function to another country. Financial savings from lower international labor rates is a big motivation for Professional Services /off shoring.

Human resources and administrative personals play a vital role in an organization by managing and administering every area of human resources by satisfying the needs of the company and its employees that includes recruitment, employee & labor relations, managing payrolls, Insurance, governmental & commercial relations and much more. Mea-Tech Group makes its priority to provide the finest in the field to tackle the widest range of complex matters.  

Mea-Tech Group recruits for accounting and financial jobs are extremely professional as well as, where required, certified by accredited institutions to handle the critical financial operations & communications of the business unit.

Sales & Marketing
Sales and Marketing are two of the most important divisions of an organization that complements each other and translates the relative efforts into revenue for the company. Mea-Tech Group is able to supply not only essentially talented sales executives and marketing assistants with enormous market knowledge but also experienced senior and managerial level Sales and Marketing professionals with the aptitude to generate profits through their strong strategies and selling skills.

Call Centre & Support
Such fields require excellent public relations skills and interpersonal communication competencies which Mea-Tech Group ensures are the key abilities of the hire.

General Office Staff and Secretaries
Along with specialized manpower and intellects, Mea-Tech Group is determined to provide its clients with competent general staff and secretaries either general or executive.


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